Our Transfer Pricing Services

Using technology is in the DNA of CrossBorder Solutions. Its founders developed the first commercial transfer pricing software solution. Taking the knowledge that we gained in working with 1000’s of the world’s largest companies, we are now applying it with MNCs who are looking for a more affordable outsourcing solution. By employing powerful software, we are able to combine transfer pricing planning and compliance into one integrated solution that we call Profitable Compliance. Now companies for the first time can determine the optimal price to charge their related parties while simultaneously preparing the documentation required for worldwide penalty protection.

We Call It
Profitable Compliance
You Call It
a Wish Come True

By relying on world-class software, our consulting team is able to combine transfer pricing planning with compliance. This multi-step process, called Profitable Compliance, allows you to allocate income and expenses in a tax advantageous manner while complying with the arm’s-length standard. Once the optimal price has been identified, CrossBorder Solutions can complete the required documentation that justifies your pricing decisions.

Image of commercial transfer pricing software funnel

The Art of
Inter-Company Pricing
Has Now Been
Turned Into a Science

Enterprise Price Optimization (EPO) helps you determine the optimal price at which to sell products and services to your related parties. The ability to lower your effective tax rate while complying with the arm’s-length standard can provide you with a significant competitive advantage.

Image of 3 steps in enterprise price optimization

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We Put an End
to the Never Ending

Transfer pricing documentation is seemingly never ending. Whether it is customized documentation in every country where you have operations or the new Master File requirements, CrossBorder Solutions software based approach ensures that you are in compliance worldwide for a fraction of the time and effort that you normally spend.

Image of 5 steps in Transfer Pricing services offered by crossborder solutions

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