Senior Developer, Data (NY)



Do you like working in fast growing B2B organizations? The original CrossBorder Solutions, a fintech SaaS company, was one of the leading tax software companies in the world when it was sold to Thomson Reuters in 2007. The Company helped thousands of multinational corporations optimize their intercompany pricing, known as transfer pricing. In 2016, the original founders relaunched the company and are on track to become one of the fastest growing startups in the United States.


We work with a diverse client base across numerous industries focusing on transfer pricing projects. The Company is in hyper growth mode and recently completed its first round of institutional financing with Kennet Ventures, a leading Silicon Valley venture capital fund. As such, we seek highly motivated, innovative and enthusiastic individuals to join our team.




We’re seeking talented Data Developers to help build, orchestrate and configure our platform’s foundational data frameworks and pipelines. You’ll work on developing solutions built on top of our data and streaming platform which powers our core platform. As a Senior Developer in Data, you understand distributed systems backed by RDBMS, NoSQL and other purpose-built data stores. We are looking for team members who are passionate about automation, cloud infrastructure and the importance of testable code. This role calls for a development driven mindset in order to deliver cutting-edge data products. Our ideal candidate will be familiar with the challenges of designing complex reporting, ETL and other data outputs such as reporting, API’s and event-based messaging.




  • Experience with any Relational Database (MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.)
  • Knowledge of replication, multi-tenancy, indexing and partitioning techniques with the database of your choice
  • Experience in performance tuning and query optimization (indexing techniques, schema optimization)
  • Strong SQL and relational data modeling knowledge
  • Experience working with large data files in CSV, text or other common formats
  • At least 3 years of professional experience in software and database technology




  • Expert experience with MySQL, ideally operating on AWS RDS
  • Scripting language fluency (shell scripting / Python etc)
  • Knowledge of cloud provisioning technologies such as TerraForm or CloudFormation
  • Knowledge of MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra or Neptune/Janus
  • Experience with RDS Aurora
  • Expertise with AWS S3 in production environments
  • Document and/or column-family store data modeling knowledge
  • Optimizing data ingestion services and chunking/streaming techniques in cloud environments
  • Relational, Graph and other Multi-Model Databases
  • Experience with reporting platforms such as BIRT, SSRS, Crystal Reports or Pentaho




  • Review and propose database topologies to ensure high availability and performance (replication, sharding/partitioning, multi-tenancy) for relational and non-relational databases
  • Develop data ingestion pipelines to handling large amounts of data
  • Creating relational materializations and other shaped data consumption activities
  • Create and implement custom reporting templates utilizing best of breed reporting platform technologies
  • Instrument database health; recommend and implement solutions to improve performance, availability, resource consumption and resiliency
  • Provide support in data migrations, schema synchronization and backup procedures
  • Develop automated database cluster provisioning solutions in our dockerized environment
  • Implement the above responsibilities by using tested infrastructure as code approaches using a versioned source control repository
  • Participate in Agile Scrum team activities
  • Implement Production-Grade databases on Amazon AWS




  • Great team culture
  • Competitive Pay and Benefits
  • Fun, friendly and casual work environment
  • Unparalleled experience as part of one of the most advanced teams in the world, with opportunities to be recognized and to build valuable skills and grow your career


CrossBorder Solutions is committed to promoting the values of diversity and inclusion throughout the business.  Whether it is through recruitment, retention, career progression or training and development, we are committed to improving opportunities for people regardless of their background or circumstances.


If you are interested in applying for the position, please email your cover letter and resume to Please include in the subject line the job title of the position you are applying for.